Tara Sullivan Belongs in the Men's Locker Room With the Rest of the Sports Reporters

golfI've always thought being a female sports writer had to be a tough job. You're competing with basically all men, all the time. You don't get to be part of that butt-slappin', let's-go-out-for-a-beer boys club fraternizing that goes on, and if you make a mistake, the world will be waiting to pounce on you. You need every advantage -- or at least equal playing field -- you can get, right? So, it would be really uncool if you couldn't get into the locker room to interview a player after a golf game. It would be really uncool if you were Tara Sullivan at the Masters at Augusta National.

See, after the game, a herd of reporters followed Rory McIlroy into the locker room to dish about his final round of 8-over 80, which left him completely bummed out at the prospect of losing a good chance to win the Masters for the first time. But, wait a second, not so fast Ms. Sullivan. You're a girl. And that's a locker room.


When Tara went to enter the locker room -- like every other reporter -- a female security guard stopped her, saying, "It's sort of this open bathroom area." To which Sullivan replied, "Yeah, like every professional locker room I go into."

Of course, after the incident, when Tara tweeted, "Bad enough no women members at Augusta. But not allowing me to join writers in locker room interview is just wrong,” she became the subject of news stories instead of the writer. And, of course, as soon as that happened, Steve Ethun, Augusta National's communications director, was quick to say:

It should not have happened. We will work as hard as we can to make sure it does not happen again.

See, if this didn't happen at the Augusta National, it wouldn't have been so bad -- well, it would have been bad, but it wouldn't have been as ... egregious. Don't try to act all "oh my gosh, how could this have ever happened" P.C. now, Augusta National -- you don't let women in your BOYS' CLUB ever!

Maybe you didn't issue a handwritten note to all security guards stating, "Don't let women in," but is it really that strange that they would think that? Shame on you, Augusta National. Shame on you for making an already hard women's job even harder. 

What do you think of Tara Sullivan not being allowed in the locker room?


Image via kulicki/Flickr

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