Facebook Is the Wrong Place to 'Like' 'The Bible'

bibleAllFacebook.com, which is the go-to site for, well, all things Facebook, reported today that the most "engaging Facebook page" award of the week goes to none other than the page for ... The Bible. The page has 6,543,523 "fans" and 905,125 "interactions." Well, it is the best-selling book in history, so I'm not questioning The Bible's popularity, but um ... it just seems odd that there's a PAGE for it on Facebook.

When I was chatting with a friend about it, she joked, "When you post a comment on The Bible's wall, will it 'like' it? Is that God running The Bible's page? Or maybe Moses?" I can't help but giggle.

Well, if you can "like" Cheese or God (which is classified on Facebook as an "interest"), then "like"-ing The Bible actually makes a bit more sense. But when I see what people are actually doing on The Bible's "wall," it kind of rubs me the wrong way ...


First of all, obviously lots of people read The Bible and want to discuss it, but isn't what it covers -- religion -- supposed to be sort of, well, sacred? I feel like bringing it all down to Facebook level cheapens that aspect of it in a way.

I wonder what religious leaders think about it. They would probably be happy people were using technology to engage in conversation about The Bible, but for me, religion and spirituality is something personal. I don't want to go around posting my favorite psalm with hopes that someone is going to comment "AMEN!" But then again, hey, some people actually use their Facebook statuses for that. (Of course, do that too much if you're friends with me, and I'll be sure to eliminate you from my feed.)

But then there's the fact that it seems like many of the actual "interactions" on The Bible page are posted by self-righteous people looking to do their own proselytizing. Bleh. I say save that for your favorite religious website.

Of course, everyone's entitled to talk about whatever they want, as long as it's not violent or hate speech. But if I was Mark Zuckerberg, I'd consider running Facebook the way our national government was supposed to be run -- separation of church and state. Cause I'm not really so sure it makes much sense for the Judeo-Christian Bible to be a focal point for the entire world's favorite social network.

Do you think The Bible belongs on Facebook?


Image via Savio Sebastian/Flickr

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