New Jersey Nets Owner Jay-Z Thinks NBA Rules Don't Apply to Him

jay-zHow awesome is Jay-Z? His music is unbelievable. His wife seems like she has a promising career ahead of her. And everything he touches turns to gold. He's the man!

Well, apparently, I'm not the only person who thinks this. Jay-Z thinks he's the man, too, which is why he also thinks he's above rules in the NBA that prohibit team personnel from having contact with players who are not yet draft-eligible. Are you saying bwah? right now? Let me explain.

Jay-Z, aka part-owner of the New Jersey Nets, was recently fined $50,000 because he casually moseyed on into the Kentucky locker room after the Wildcats won against North Carolina in the East Regional final. Big deal, you say. He's Jay-Z, the man who blessed us with the summer anthem last year, he can do what he wants. Um, yeah, see, he can't. Because none of those players are yet draft-eligible. And it seems like Jay-Z was trying to use his Jay-Zness to lure them to the Nets. Did somebody say "above the law"? Why, I think Jay-Z did!


Jay, can I call you Jay? I want to start by saying that if there's any way in holy hell you happen to come across this article by little ol' me, know that I love you. That said, there are rules, dude! Just because you're awesomer than ... anyone doesn't mean you're exempt. Especially when it comes to NBA rules! You're first and foremost a musician -- you own the Nets because you're a musician. If you want to be taken seriously in the sports arena (heh), you need to make like everybody else. You're probably only annoying people with jobs strictly in the NBA right now. Here you are, this big, bad-ass hip hop mogul, and you just waltz into a locker room like you own the place -- Jay, that's surely a way to lose friends and alienate people.

However, I often wonder for the first time am wondering how much your star power would matter when it comes to the matter of drafting. Sure, the mere sight of you could probably make a grown man weep, but everybody knows money talks. And so does a winning team. If there's a team willing to pay more -- and guarantee more wins -- my guess is the player would probably go with that team (case in point: LeBron James).

Although, players, if you're reading, can other teams guarantee you summers in St. Tropez with Beyonce? Just sayin'.

What do you think of Jay-Z waltzing into the Kentucky locker room?


Image via nick step/Flickr

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