Lamar Odom May Lose Chance at All-Star Team, Thanks to 'Khloe and Lamar'

khloe and lamarKhloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom probably feel like they're on top of the world in some ways right now, being that their new E! reality show just debuted. Khloe's probably thrilled to somehow wiggle her way out of the shadows of sisters Kim and Kourtney, while Lamar ... well, maybe becoming a household name could help him score a spot at the All-Star game

Ehhhh ... not sure that's how it works.

See, he's been coveting it for some time, but unfortunately, fans are saying it seems like his game has taken a few steps backward lately. The L.A. Lakers lost again last night to the Oklahoma City Thunder, and it sounds like if Lamar had a little more energy or a little more focus ... he could have saved the day. I have to wonder -- is starring on a reality show really the best thing for his game right now? Or could his relationship with Khloe actually be impinging on his performance on the court?


Now, I've never been one to point the finger at the significant other of a pro-athlete when their game is failing. When Dallas Cowboys player Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson were dating and she showed up to cheer him on, and he failed miserably, everyone blamed Jess. And that was just wrong. What the heck did she have to do with it? That was all Romo's problem.

But in the case of Lamar and Khloe ... I'm not so sure Khloe's totally innocent. She's probably the one who dragged him into doing this reality show, and no doubt having cameras following you around, trying to make "drama" out of your everyday life, has gotta be both distracting and exhausting. I wouldn't be surprised if that was taking a toll on the guy.

Then, you've got the fact that his deadbeat dad seems to be causing him a lot of stress, and there's the rumor that he and Khloe might be struggling to have a baby. Eek! Clearly, Lamar's juggling a lot in his personal life right now, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's all taking a toll on his stats. According to Bleacher Report, he's performing well below what he's capable of:

There is no other player in the league that has his frame and skill set in one package. It's something that has proven invaluable in the past and something the Lakers will need in the playoffs. Putting up stat lines like seven points and three rebounds off of the bench simply isn't going to cut it.

If Lamar really wants to be an All-Star, he's going to have to start putting his foot down and drawing a line. Otherwise, I'm not sure how good his chances are for getting his head in the game.

Do you think the reality show or his marriage could be undermining Lamar's performance on the court?


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