Adam Scott Hot at Masters (in More Ways Than One)

Adam Scott
Adam Scott
Charles Schwartzel
won the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Course today in final series of four birdies that  clenched a coveted green jacket for the South African golfer. But it was a tight race to the finish with Jason Day, Tiger Woods, and Adam Scott close behind, all making impressive showings. 

First up when it came to making an impression was second place winner, Adam Scott. The guy is hot both on the course -- he finished with a five-under 67 -- and also just in general. Seriously smokin'. When it comes to attractive athletes, I think hockey, baseball, even tennis; golfers, not so much. Scott, however, is on par with the best of them. He looks a little like Matthew McConaughey, but bigger, and he's Australian, which means accent *swoon*.  


A few years back Scott was linked to Kate Hudson, and he's now dating tennis star Ana Ivanovic. So he's not on the market, but he sure makes golf a lot less boring. This is the biggest coup of his career to date, so let's hope we see a lot more of him.

It was actually those who came close to winning, like Scott, who are getting more attention than the winner in many ways. Tiger Woods was, of course, being closely watched, and he showed the world today he's still hot on the golf course. For awhile, it even looked like he was going to win the whole thing. He didn't and ended up tying for fourth, but it was a respectable showing for sure.

As Mike Freeman at so eloquently put it:

Tiger Woods is back. He is. It's official. He didn't win the Masters, but after a courageous, almost history-making performance, it's impossible not to declare the career of Woods reinvigorated from the waitress-chasing dead.

And really love him or loathe him, I do believe Tiger is good for the game. So I was glad to see him do well.

It was a g'day for Australia too when it came to runners up. Another Aussie, Jason Day took third place; and the country's Geoff Ogilvy tied Tiger for fourth place. Day told USA Today:

Obviously, we fell short a little bit, but it just shows how good Australian golf is right now. There's a lot of good Australian golfers.

So congratulations to all the players -- winners and losers -- golf is looking good these days.

Did you watch the Masters tournament? What did you think of the outcome? Do you think Adam Scott is incredibly hot?

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