75-Year-Old Grandma Kills Internet In 3 Countries

cablesRight now, some kid in the country of Georgia is probably smacking herself on the forehead and saying, "Geeze, Grandma, I told you not to mess with the Internet!" Have you heard about this? A 75-year-old Georgian woman is facing jail time, because she accidentally sliced through an underground cable, causing all Internet services in the neighboring country of Armenia and some service in Azerbaijan to crash.

Eek!! As crazy and hilarious as it sounds, I feel really bad for her. It's not like she intended to cut off multiple countries' access to porn and Facebook for five whole hours! What she meant to do was scavenge for copper to sell as scrap. (Pulling up unused copper cables for scrap is a common means of making money in the former Soviet Union.)

Having admitted what she did to the Georgia Interior Ministry, she is being investigated on suspicion of damaging property and may be thrown in jail for three years!


That's just out of control unreasonable. 

Yes, I'm sure there were government processes that were delayed or shutdown because of what happened, but again, if it were intentional, it would be one thing. But this lady totally didn't have some crazy popcorn flick agenda up her sleeve.

Nonetheless, the woman, whose name hasn't been released, has been coined the "spade-hacker" in local media. Yup, I can see her now, dressed head-to-toe in black -- black turtleneck, leggings, mime spy-style. She was totally out to shut down tweets from being sent and undermine Yelp reviews from being posted.

I mean, come on, really?

The good news is that she was temporarily released "on account of her old age" (nice way of putting it, huh?) but it sounds like the Georgian government doesn't plan on dropping this oh-so-easily. They probably figure they have to make an example of this little old lady, so no one else ever gets it into their head that it's okay to go around destroying important cables that power three whole countries' web access. Bleh. I say, let her be! Come on ... Doesn't the Georgian government want to respect their elders?

Do you think the woman should be punished?


Image via Iwan Gabovitch/Flickr


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