How to Alienate Friends & Clean Up Your Facebook

facebookFinally! You've made it through a season of never-ending snow days and school delays and the warm temperatures are slowly setting in. And as you start your spring cleaning regimen from your linen closets to the bottoms of your car's backseat, there's one thing you can't forget:

Your Facebook.


Although you may not be able to donate that extra Facebook friend to Goodwill, you will get the piece of mind as the "clutter" dies down. First things first, you're going to have to defriend. This will require you to be strong-willed, ladies. To ease into things, look over at the list of birthdays on the right hand side of your page every day. If there is a name there that you don't feel compelled to click on and send them a "Have a good one!" then that's your first hint that they're not "friend" material. Once you make the first click, the rest well - the rest is simple.

The next best way to clean up your Facebook? Your privacy settings. Not exactly looking to show your boss the pictures of you rolling, um, cigarettes during your college days? Simply access your privacy tab on the upper right-hand corner of your screen, click album privacy, and tweak the settings to your liking. There, you'll find ways to alter the way some or all of your friends see each individual photo album -- as well as a nifty little button that lets you preview what specific people see when they view your page.

Next, I'd like to introduce you to your soon-to-be bestie: The "Hide" button. By hovering to the right of your main news feed, you will see an "x" appear. If you click this "x", you will then have the option to hide that particular post, hide ALL posts by that user, or mark the post as spam. HELLO FREEDOM! And in the spirit of starting fresh -- if you're hiding all posts by a person, I'd suggest you defriend them anyway.

Really looking to make things minimal? Try this tricky little tool to remove the right-column from your page all-together. What's that mean for you? No more pokes, no more events, and no more suggestions of people that you may know ... that you never do.

See! With just a few clicks you have a more minimal, more enjoyable way to stalk your friends surf the web. If only cleaning out the garage was this easy ....

Will you be spring cleaning your Facebook? What's the first thing (or person) to go?!


Image via benstein/ Flickr

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