Justin Bieber Trades Singing for Soccer (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber soccerSay it ain't so! Justin Bieber isn't happy with just being a chart-topping singer and dating Selena Gomez. It seems the Biebs is harboring a dream of being a world class soccer player?

It turns out all that time he's spending with David Beckham is doing more than convincing the Beckham brood that Mom and Dad should name their little sister Justine. It's wearing off on Bieber too. The "Baby" singer threw on a kit this week and went out with his favorite team, FC Barcelona, to kick the ball around the pitch while on his European tour. Check out his mad ball-handling skillz!


Can I just mention I'm 100 percent jealous? I'm not terribly good at soccer, but there's been a rash of celebrities getting to play on the pitch lately not because they're the next football stars, but because they're, well, celebrities. My husband, a blogger for a British football club, told me National Football League wide receiver Chad Ochocinco got to practice with Major League Soccer team Sporting Kansas City and earned a spot on their reserve squad. He had a lack of control on the ball, and the coaches don't see him making the REAL team, but as my hubs told me, "Come ON, it's a chance to train with the team ... who cares if you make it?" The same, it seems, goes for Bieber.

Credit to Bieber, he realized just how special this opportunity was, and he took it seriously! He's not goofing around out there; he's playing hard and taking real shots on goal, playing against first teamers Bojan Krkic, Thiago Alcantara, and Alberto Fontas. But don't worry; Bieber's only dreaming about soccer. He's still keeping his day job. He's got songs to sing in Switzerland today.

What do you think of Bieber the soccer player? Luckiest kid ever?


Image via YouTube

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