Allen Iverson Freakout Shows Athletes Are Better Than the Rest of Us

allen iversonSeems like sports-related rages are all the rage these days. Heh, see what I did there? First, there's Wayne Rooney swearing up a storm at the cameras during a game. Then, there's LeBron James' mom, Gloria, slapping and cursing at valets in an alcohol-induced rage. And now there's Allen Iverson ripping cops a new one for pulling him over. What in the H-E-double hockey sticks is happening? Pun intended! I'm on fire today! Bam!

When Iverson was pulled over in his Lamborghini (complex, much?) for changing lanes without signaling he actually said (among lots of curses): "Take the vehicle, I have 10 more. Don't you know who I am?" People actually say that?! I thought that was just a fun, ironic thing my friends and I used in an attempt at self-deprecation.

Now, I'm not pro-tirade or anything here, but Rooney and Iverson I can kinda see doing this -- because it's an unfortunate norm in our society for super rich athletes to do what they please, but LeBron's mom?


Is this what we've come to? As a society, have we peaked at our celeb/athlete sense of entitlement outbursts, and now we've moved on to athlete-adjacent? If that's the case -- man, I need to make me a sports star friend, or even acquaintance, so I can go b-b-b-bonkers on a Starbucks employee. "You gave me regular milk instead of soy, you @*#!? Don't you know I'm Mary Lou Retton's neighbor?!" "Is this a caramel macchiato? Guess you didn't realize I once pumped gas next to Scott Hamilton?!"

Although that would seem tame compared to LeBron's mom's rant. The woman screamed at the valet for taking too long to get her car, pulled a "Don't you know who I am," and decked him in the face! That lady has one crazy sense of reality. And you know the valet is now lawyering up and threatening to sue. Joke's on you, Gloria (Actually, you, LeBron, 'cause you're the one footing the bill).

Gloria, you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. You're not anybody famous. You haven't won a thousand basketball games or done anything for that matter that allows you to tirade. Yes, I'm using that as a verb. If your son can handle himself, you should be able to, also. Get a grip, chica.

What do you think of Gloria "Don't You Know Who I Am" James' rant?

Image via moneyjk85man/Flickr

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