The Sexiest Tech Toys & Gadgets

power podI'm not an early adopter by any means. I still use an iPhone 3GS for crying out loud. (Skipped the 4, holdin' out for the iPhone 5, which is due out at some point this year.) But one thing I can't resist from time to time I definitely have a penchant for sexy-lookin' gadgets and tech-y accessories. You know, sleek smartphone covers or wireless mice. Stylish electrical odds and ends that simplify my life.

Call me crazy, but I really do get kinda hot under the collar for products that streamline my desk and all my other gadget-y things, from my household's multiple computers to our digital cameras and cellphones.

I figured I can't be the only one who "goes for" products like these, so I thought I'd share a few of the top "sexiest"-looking tech-y items I could find around the web ...


1. My dream power strip. Some women dream of bringing home a pretty pair of Jimmy Choos ... and yes, so do I. But I also wish all of my electronics didn't have to be plugged into an ugly, industrial, clunky plastic looking power strip that looks like a total eyesore no matter how well you hide it. Enter the Power Pod ($99), pictured above. It makes my heart flutter just looking at it. The circular accessory is designed to be both "clever" and "intuitive." How, you ask? Well, you can fit six three-pronged plugs in it, and it comes with an accessories container you can use to cover up the outlet part when you've unplugged everything to be a bit greener ... or you can just use it as a second part for desktop odds and ends like paperclips. Love!


vers wood iphone cover2. Sexy lumberjack fantasy-meets-iPhone cover. Come on, you know there's something spectacularly sexy about your hubby wearing an old flannel or how he smells when he comes in from chopping firewood or after he builds a new shelf for the media-infested rec room. If any of the above even remotely turns you on, here is the next gift you'll be giving him. A Vers iPhone Shell Case ($39.99) which are handcrafted from solid hardwoods and sport a durable, moisture-resistant coating. I'd go for the Walnut, but there's also Cherry and Bamboo wood. What can I say? Rustic meets high-tech is hot!


paper tweet3. Twitter goes old-school. Now, this isn't exactly a tech-y gadget, but it is still very sexy, because it's a.) organizational, b.) communicative and c.) ingenious/hilarious ... A notepad of Paper Tweets ($4.99)! You can fill out the form to share info in 140 characters or less without a screen. Use it as a journal or to reply @ a friend/co-worker/man in your life, whoever! Takes me back to passing notes to my crushes in junior high ... in a cute, non-cringe-worthy way, of course.



philips ear buds4. Bling-tastic ear buds. Okay, there's flashing someone (sometimes hot), and then there's being flash-ing (always hot). And you can accomplish the latter with these Philips Active Crystals Space Earphones with Swarovski Crystal Accents in Silver ($80) earbuds that are so glam and covetable, I am totally forgetting right now that I already own at least 3 pairs of headphones, two of which I barely ever use ...



tory burch audra bag5. Sling your laptop in style. Leather is sexy. My MacBook is sexy. Putting my MacBook in a sleek, gorgeous Tory Burch Audra Laptop Case ($250) would be totally freakin' sexy. Crave.








Is there a sexy, organizational tech toy or gadget you're craving?


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