Will Lamar Odom Lose Fans When They Smell His Cologne?

lamar odomMonday night the Kardashian klan was out celebrating the launch of Khloe and Lamar's new perfume, Unbreakable. See, in the world of celebrity scents, Mr. and Mrs. Kardashian-Odom have decided to do something different -- create a unisex cologne (or is it perfume?). And by different, I mean gross. And cheesy (or is it greesy?).

Unisex colognes, in a word, are foul. In a few words, they're weird, unattractive, and a lame ploy to create something different. Who wants to smell like a member of the opposite sex? I don't, and I would be really unattracted to a dude who smelled like me. Remember the CK1 days? Horrendous! I am so glad I no longer have to sit in between Meredith Latman and Dave Pruss in Calculus. It was like I was inside the bottle.

I get that they're in love and trying to be different, but who is going to buy this crap? Not this gal. And certainly not dudes, because Lamar isn't a basketball hero anymore -- he's a guy who's whipped on a Kardashian. Yeah, I said it.


What happened? I'm not saying I was this giant Lamar Odom fan before (I'm not even saying I knew who he was before Khloe), but they are one corny couple. Have you seen the opening credits for their new show? And now a unisex cologne? I wonder what locker room talk is like for him.

Kobe: Hey, Lamar. Wanna grab a beer after the game?

Lamar: Nah, dude. I can't.

Kobe: Why?

Lamar: Khloe and I have a box full of snapdragons to go through. Our cologne is feeling a little too sweet.

What guy is going to want to buy cologne from a guy like that? When Michael Jordan came out with his cologne, he was just a really awesome basketball player. He wasn't frolicking around with his wife, he was a bad ass! And his cologne was for men only! Sure, 14-year-old girls might buy it because they're krazy for Kardashians, but I think three days into the unisex scent world, they'll be ready to jump ship. They always smell weird. Seriously.

And if any Kardashian couple was going to come out with a cologne, it should be Kourtney and Scott Disick. I imagine it would be a potent mixture of money, hairspray, and tanning gel. That, at least, would be different. And, let's be honest, nobody looks up to Scott.

What do you think of Khloe and Lamar coming out with a cologne?


Image via bridgetds/Flickr

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