Classy Chicks Get Into a Beer Brawl at Brewers' Home Opener (VIDEOS)

brewers female fans fightIt's only the very beginning of baseball season, but that hasn't stopped some people from already being in superfan freak-out mode. Maybe being pent up all winter without baseball actually makes fans even more crazy once they finally do hit the stands in the springtime? There has to be some kind of psychological explanation for what you're about to witness.

See, the other day in Milwaukee at the Miller Park home opener, the Brewers beat the Braves 1-0. But the real beating was taking place between two young women who got into a full-on "base-brawl" (oh yeah, that's a thing -- I didn't even know that 'til now). It's not clear what the problem was, but there was a lot of beer-throwing and name-calling, followed by what appears to be pummeling, kicking, hair-pulling, and falling down drunkenness.

All I can say is: Wow.


In the video of the she-on-she showdown, you can hear other fans going "Whoooo!" and whoever took the movie comments on how the fight illustrates real "classy!" behavior. She also says something like, "Don't ever be that girl! I need to show my daughter this, so I can show her how to never be ... that girl!"

I know I've felt like doing what occurs in this video plenty of times, especially when I've been in a crowded, claustrophobic situation like an athletic event or a concert. But feeling like attacking another woman vs. actually doing it ... uh, big difference.

See for yourself. Part one is just the girls screaming at one another and one guy friend getting involved. (Kinda funny: Two older men mocking the whole thing to the left.) Then, part two is the actual meltdown brawl.

Do you think it looks like the fight was called for?


Image via YouTube

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