Texas A&M Women's NCAA Champs Could Kick UConn Men's Butts

texas a&mThe women's NCAA basketball championship game was last night, and you totally missed it, didn't you. Were you watching Bethenny Ever After on your DVR like I was? Well, either way, we missed a great game between Texas A&M and Notre Dame. I suffered through the men's final Monday night between Butler and UConn, which has been touted as the worst basketball final in history, so I'm happy to hear that the women rocked it.

But did they beat the men in terms of stats? Let's take a look at a few categories and decide who played a better basketball game, the women or the men?



  • Final Score Men: UConn 53, Butler 41. At halftime it was UConn 19, Butler 22. 
  • Final Score Women: Texas A&M 76, Notre Dame 70. At halftime it was Texas 33, ND 35.
  • Winner: Women! Their higher scoring game wasn't a product of poor defense, but rather well executed back doors, picks, and screens.


  • Men: UConn 51, Butler 40
  • Women: Texas A&M 28, ND 26
  • Winner: Women! Fewer chances to rebound means more shots that went in.

Field Goal Percentage:

  • Men: UConn 34%, Butler 19%
  • Women: Texas A&M 55%, ND 46%
  • Winner: Women! Nice shooting, Tex.


  • Men: UConn 11, Butler 6
  • Women: Texas A&M 18, ND 16
  • Winner: Men. Boo.


  • Men: UConn 6, Butler 5
  • Women: Texas A&M 14, ND 10
  • Winner: Women! Unselfish play with great passing in the lane.


  • Men's game: 70,376
  • Women's game: 17,473
  • Winner: Don't make me say it.

If we only look at the above categories, and really why would we look at anything else, it appears that the women's game was better played and a better example of the highest level of college basketball than the men's performance. Yes! You go, girls.

Do you follow women's college sports?

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