Lance Bass Jealous Richard Branson Has Submarine (VIDEO)

subYou've heard of Richard Branson -- he's the crazy British billionaire with a passion for exploration, business, and record-breaking. He's got Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Records, and Virgin Galactic. You can fly to LA, buy a CD, and catapult yourself into the stratosphere all under his name. But Branson has more up his never-ending sleeve. World, meet Virgin Oceanic.

This submarine by Branson will go deeper than any other water craft has gone before, and fast. The expeditions will be launched in the next two years and will start with an expedition into the seemingly bottomless and endless Mariana Trench, approximately 36,000 feet below the surface.

In related news, Lance Bass just bought a wetsuit.


Can't you just feel the former NSyncer perk up in his dilapidated Hollywood house? He was dying to go to space a few years ago, so it's only natural that he wants to say bye-bye-bye to the Earth and plunge headfirst into the ocean. I would assume the subs are kinda small, so Lance better start his letter-writing campaign to Branson and start putting his appearance fees aside in an interest-bearing account.

Anywhoosley, Richard Branson is the man. He's going to pilot the sub on its second mission next year into the Puerto Rico Trench. Of course he will break a few world records, but more importantly, they intend to collect samples and research their findings.

The sub, the Necker Nymph, will likely be the first of many deep-diving subs that will help us learn more about the 70% of our planet's surface that we kind of know embarrassingly little about. Who's excited to discover a colony of giant squid hanging out in the depths of the ocean? Or ... mermaids?

We'll have to wait 'til Lance Bass reports back. In the meantime, this ... commercial? Disney experience? ... of a video will get you jazzed up about freaking submarines and ocean floor exploration. I feel calmer, smarter, and pumped up about technology having watched the two-minute short featuring Virgin Oceanic. Where's my checkbook? I wanna donate.

What do you think is more important: space exploration or ocean exploration?

Photo via YouTube

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