10 Reasons Why Twitter Is Better Than Sex


We've talked about why Facebook friends are better than the real thing, but I kind of feel bad for leaving our buddy, Twitter, out of the conversation. Twitter rules too, you know! Its technology is way cooler than some actual, physical things in our lives like work, chores, and yes, dare I say it, I believe Twitter is better than sex. So blow out those expensive scented candles, put away your lingerie, and get out your reading glasses and smartphone -- it's time for some quality time with the latest sex symbol in your life. Here are 10 reasons why Twitter is better than the boomtanlge.

  1. You can tweet, eat, and watch TV all at the same time.
  2. Twitter doesn't probe too deep when there's an issue.
  3. Twitter has more Kardashians on it than in your wildest dreams.
  4. You can tweet with minors and not get arrested.
  5. Twitter won't try to get you drunk first.
  6. You can tweet with hundreds, heck, hundreds of thousands of people at the same time.
  7. Tweeting four or five times a day is not unusual.
  8. If the phone rings in the middle of one of your tweets, you can answer it.
  9. You don't feel guilty about tweeting alone.
  10. Tweeting after midnight will not wake up the kids.

What else do you love more about Twitter than you do about sexy time?

Photo via Jon Gasier/Flickr

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