Crazy Shpigler the Shark Has 'Winning' Ideas for Facebook (VIDEO)

shpigler the sharkShpigler the Shark could become a YouTube sensation. Not sure if he would achieve Rebecca Black iconic status, but this guy is definitely worth a few thousand views. His shtick? He's a Tel Aviv-based startup advisor who offers his unsolicited advice to everyone, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Today, he debuted a 3-minute appeal to Zuck entitled, "Facebook: What's Next? Advice by Shpigler the Shark." 

Sitting on a couch with a cigar in hand, Shpigler the Shark shares some priceless words of wisdom with the youngest billionaire in the world, like ...

From here you can only go down, face down! You don't want to be the next MySpace.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.


Shpigler starts out with "Advice #1: Like Is Bad!" Apparently, it's "enough with this positive attitude! Like, like, like! People want to HATE! Put in some unlike, dislike."

The guy really does have a point. Many of us have been asking for a thumbs-down icon for some time. More people probably go on Facebook to complain than to celebrate. There needs to be a suitable response for their status updates like, "Wah, it's raining" or "OMG! I have like the longest day ever ahead of me!" Because seriously, what are you supposed to do with those?

He also has a really good point about the way Zuckerberg carries himself. He always looks like, "Oh, I'm just a college kid nobody," whispering when he gives interviews, mumbling, wearing hooded sweatshirts. It is ridiculous. Like the Shark says, he should buy some nice shirts, because "he can afford them!"

Some other gems ...

Advice #5: Google -1 - "Let's talk about Google, enough is enough. Let's kill them. Gmail my ass!"

Advice #6: Buy some more companies! - "Think big! Buy Twitter, it's going nowhere anyway! If you don't like Twitter, buy Foursquare!"

And last but not least, Shpigler recommends that Zuckerberg close Facebook. Maybe for a day. You know, just to screw with us all. Because he can. Then go to an Israeli Kibbutz and "live the real FarmVille!"

CLASSIC. I am so amused. This guy is the next Charlie Sheen, I'm telling you. He's like the Israeli Jewish Silicon Valley Charlie Sheen. And he's lucid, funny, and doesn't think we're all trolls. He actually seems to have a healthier self-esteem than the kid some people refer to as "the most powerful man in the world." For that reason alone, he's worth listening to. Think about it, Zuck.

Here's the full-length video filled with Shpigler the Shark's advice.

What do you think -- should Zuckerberg listen to Shpigler?


Image via YouTube

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