Kid Spends College Savings on Amazing Gift for Retired Football Star

cliff forrest jr.After seeing a Super Bowl ring at Mickey Mantle's restaurant in New York City, Cliff Forrest, 10, bought it with money he was saving up for college. And although he loves sports memorabilia, Cliff didn't keep the ring for himself. Instead, he turned it over to its rightful owner ... former Chicago Bears defensive tackle William Perry.

Cliff explained his motivation:

It's what I wanted to do. When I Googled Mr. Perry after I got the ring, I saw he had the disease and went through rough times. And I thought he needed it more than I did.

The disease Cliff is talking about is Guillain-Barre syndrome, an autoimmune disorder that can cause nerve inflammation that leads to muscle weakness. It's a horrendous disease for anyone to have to contend with, not to mention a football player like Perry. What a sweetie-pie kiddo to do his research and decide to give the ring back.


And I still need a minute to wrap my head around the fact that this kid was able to save at least $8,500 for college by the age of 10. And then spend it on this ring? Yup, that's kind of how it went down, according to his mother, Tracy, who told ESPN:

When Cliff saw the ring, he said he had to have it. Once I saw the price, I said, "Absolutely not. We're not buying the ring." He ended up taking money out of his savings account. We told him it was money for college, but he ended up getting the ring.

Now, I don't know how I would feel about that if the story ended there. But because the series of events took such a humanitarian turn ... I'm all for it.

Cliff must have felt really good when he gave Perry back the ring at an autograph-signing session, and the ex-NFL player looked "really happy." Cliff wasn't looking for anything in return for the ring, but he ended up scoring two autographed Bears jerseys and some cards from Perry. Nice.

Just goes to show not everyone in the world is a selfish brat. I don't know about you, but I sure love being reminded of that.

What are your thoughts on the story?

Image via NBC

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