Kate Upton Does the 'Dougie' Courtside: Slam Dunk (VIDEO)

Kate Upton Kate Upton just took on the kind of fan status we can all relate to. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model was caught on video in the stands at a Los Angeles Clippers game not watching the ball at all. Oooh, naughty, naughty Kate! I love it!

While Upton was doing the Dougie dance to Cali Swag District's "Teach Me How to Dougie," the Clippers and Lakers were doing ... something. Maybe it was at the half. I don't know. Point being, some people take going to a game waaaaaay too seriously for my tastes, and they're missing all the fun! Watching Kate break it down reminds me why I prefer to go TO a game rather than sitting in front of my flat screen:


Now that's how I want to enjoy a game. I don't want to be some boring old dude at a ballpark who sits with his little stat book and whines when you talk to your girlfriend (guy at last year's Royals/Yankees game, I'm talking to YOU). Yeah, yeah, to each his own, but there's a reason deaf people sued the Washington Redskins to get in on the lyrics of the songs played in FedEx Stadium, a reason Kate Upton danced to the Dougie -- going to a game as opposed to watching it on TV is as much about the experience as it is the players on the court or the field. That's what we pay for, isn't it? To be entertained?

Well that and to people watch ... you never know who might be doing the Dougie courtside.

Do you watch sports Kate Upton-style?


Image via YouTube

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