Evoz Baby Monitoring Could Change Parenthood Forever

evoz baby monitoringWow, what did parents do before the iPhone and iPad? So far, I'm only a "pseudo-aunt" to my boyfriend's adorable 2-year-old niece, but I can see just how useful her mommy and daddy's gadgets are. If she's cranky, "Sprouts dot com" (as she says) on the iPad can cheer her up instantly. Apps are becoming more and more useful for the tiniest tots, too!

The latest: Evoz, which has taken baby monitoring into the 21st century. It sounds AMAZING. According to TechCrunch, the app will ...

... let you call in from anywhere in the world to hear how your baby is sleeping (or exactly how hard he or she is crying, or if you’re lucky, laughing or playing) ... you can also opt to receive ‘quiet’ alerts by SMS or email whenever your kid cries for longer than, say, 5 minutes, so you can give the babysitter a quick call to see what’s up after e.g. a meeting or dinner.


But oh wait, there's more! The app will also automatically store data on the sleeping and crying behavior of your child, and then you can analyze the data to see if he or she matches the behavior of children of the same age group. You can also get in touch with a network of baby health experts and sleep consultants if you have any questions or concerns.

WOW! Did they build this with Teen Mom 2 in mind? I kid, I kid! It actually sounds really useful for any parent -- new, veteran, or in between.

The app will launch in June or July, but in the meantime, you can follow the developers @evozmonitors OR if you're an early adopter with children aged 18 months or less and you own at least 2 iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) and wouldn't mind providing feedback to the team, you can apply for early access to Evoz Monitors. Although they're only choosing 20 people supposedly, so it may be too late! Either way, I certainly know some tech-savvy parents who would totally be cut out for the job!

And I'm super-psyched that some app developers are starting to create products like this with the challenges of parenthood in mind. I mean, like the guy on TechCrunch says, existing baby monitors are just sort of glorified walkie-talkies, right? It's awesome that baby monitoring is headed for such an evolution. And in time for my eventual (maybe 3 to 4 years from now) motherhood. How conveeeeeenient! Woot for innovation.

Would you use the Evoz baby monitor app?


Image via MyEvoz.com

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