Butler Championship T-Shirt Is the Ultimate Diss

butler basketball t-shirtThe basketball championship game for the NCAA tournament is tonight in Houston, Texas. I don't know about you -- but as a UConn alumna proudly wearing her Huskies gear today, I can hardly hold in my excitement.

And while the game's not even over, it seems that Kohl's has already picked a winner. Want your official Butler championship T-shirt? You can buy it now. It's been on sale for days!

Erm, WTF?!


Seriously, way to piss off a couple thousand customers. OK, it's clear I'm a tad biased, but isn't this a bad business move altogether? Of course I've seen teams sport championship gear immediately following a big win. But it's not like companies are mass-producing it for all of America to purchase. What if they lose? I can't help but wonder if Kohl's has manufactured these shirts already? And if so -- how many and what do they plan on doing with the garbage remainders if Butler is to lose this evening?

The white Nike brand shirt T-shirt reads "No. 1 National Champions" and is selling for $24. The site's description for the item? "This men's Nike Butler Bulldogs tee keeps the madness going well after March. Team logo, 'No. 1,' and 'National Champions' graphics offer title-worthy style. Cut down the nets with all our Butler Bulldogs gear at Kohl's."

I understand that it's a big deal that Butler has made it to the finals. Really, it's only the third time since the NCAA tournament started seeding teams that a No. 8 seed will be playing for the national title. And true, this is their second year in a row in the 'ship. It's unheard of. Not every team can be "a Butler."

But have you seen who the underdogs are up against? Enter the team from Storrs, Connecticut: The winner of the 2011 Big East title, and the unstoppable force that is Kemba Walker (UConn's leading point guard and winner of the Bob Cousy Award for top point guard in the nation). I just can't fathom how Kohl's has the audacity to shut down a No. 3 seed before the ball even touches the rim. Or in this economy, the extra funds. 

What do you think of Kohl's championship decision? Who are you rooting for in tonight's big game? LET'S GO HUSKIES!

Image via Kohl's

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