WWE Isn't Wrestling, Just Soap Operas for Men

WWETo anyone who has ever taken Hulk Hogan seriously as a "wrestler," the latest wrestling news should be your wake-up call. The WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment, had a meeting late last week discussing potentially swapping out 'wrestling' from their name. It's no big deal, says an article on WrestlingNewsSource.com. They'll just be referred to from now on as WWE ... which stands for what, if not "World Wrestling"? "World Weird"? "World Wacky"?

And no, this wasn't an April Fools' gag. A WWE publicist even stated a few weeks ago that WWE is NOT a wrestling company ...

We are no longer a wrestling company but rather a global entertainment company with a movie studio, international licensing deals, publisher of three magazines, consumer good distributor, and more.


Wowowow!!! So all this time, through the '80s and early '90s, when my little brother played with juiced-up-looking action figures and SEGA video games starring guys like Jesse Ventura (pre-political career) and Andre the Giant ... all that time, the WWE was wrestling, but now it's not?!

They're seriously blowing my mind right now.

Actually, this whole thing seems like it should have taken place waaaaaaay back. Like the Thriller debut way back. In 1982, new ownership of the company made it more about entertainment than the actual sport of wrestling. Entertainment ... as in phony baloney BS.

Since then, has anyone ever REALLY taken it to be serious wrestling? Like the same kind of wrestling guys and girls compete in at the junior high and high school level? Because the difference is just so glaringly obvious. There doesn't even seem to be ACTUAL wrestling going on in WWE shows. It's just ACTING. Crazy soap opera plot lines and guest hosts and chicks with their boobs hanging out and "Superstars" and "Divas." Who in turn give the company the opportunity to make MORE money with ... entertainment products.

Well, hey, at least they're coming clean about it now, right?

But I don't really get what it's all about then. If the WWE has nothing to do with wrestling, then it's just about a bunch of long-haired, neon underwear-wearing goons shouting at each other and beating their own chests ... in a ring? Hey, sure. Why not? I guess whatever sells.

But maybe fans of actual wrestling will want to take note that the WWE (whatever the hell it stands for) sounds like it's not only on the verge of a total identity crisis ... it also seems headed for a full-on meltdown. If you want to see actual fighting and real skills, perhaps tuning into a boxing match would be a better bet?

Are you surprised that the WWE wants nothing to do with real wrestling?


Image via Gregg O'Connell/Flickr

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