Sports Fans So Crazy They'll Kidnap & Kill

LA DodgersOkay, has no one ever heard the phrase "it's just a game"? And by "no one" I mean "crazy, aggro sports fans who beat people up."

First, there are the Giants fans who were brutally beaten -- one sustained a severe head injury -- at Dodgers Stadium on opening day. Yep, two Dodgers fans approached three Giants fans and began kicking and punching them while shouting expletives about the Giants. One of the guys is currently in a coma. Classy.

Then, there was the soccer game in Egypt. In a display of sheer elegance and sophistication, Egyptian fans bum-rushed the field, trashed it, and now, three players from the Tunisian team are missing. Seriously? This seems like a little much -- even for the fiercest of sports fans.


Maybe it's because drinking usually accompanies sports -- and we all know what can happen when we mix dudes, booze, sports, losing, and people from another team. Who yell. And provoke. But maybe it's because there are rarely repercussions? I mean, comas? Missing people? It's too much. More should be done to stop this. Ooh, I have an idea! How about suspending sports?! I think that might be more effective at stopping violence than a stern finger waging. Don't you agree, Mayor Villaraigosa?

Because, what do you even mean by "condemning violence," Mayor V? Hasn't violence always been condemned? And, I'm glad you think the brutal beating of Brian Stow is "unconscionable," but shouldn't more be done to stop something like this from ever happening again? How about "sports will be suspended if there's ever any violence again"? Sure, I may be naive and Pollyanna for saying something like this, but could you imagine what it would be like for that one person who was responsible for there being no sports? It would be fantastically awful! That is an appropriate punishment for putting somebody in a coma. Let the world hate you, not just read about you then forget you.

As for the Egypt game, soccer actually was suspended. It's recently resumed, though. I'm happy the people in charge did this, but I'm not going to congratulate them and give them a cookie -- because three people are missing. Still. That's weird, guys. People don't go missing in sports.

So, who's with me? New rules for sports fans? Sure, they can still drink, and yell, and swear, but if a punch is thrown, it's bye-bye to baseball? Hey, just because athletes can do whatever they want doesn't mean fans should be able to, too.

What do you think the repercussions should be for violence in sports?


Image via woolennium/Flickr

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