Final Four Cinderella VCU Not Going To The Ball (VIDEO)

vcu loses to butler final fourWas it the lack of experience? Was it the fact Blue II, the Butler bulldog was in the house (worth three sips in The Stir's Final Four Drinking Game)? Was it because of Matt Howard's socks (worth one sip)? No one will know, but the fact is VCU lost to Butler. The Cinderella team that destroyed millions of office pools everywhere doesn't get to go to the ball.

It was a close, close game. The glass slipper almost fit. I say we put all of the fairytale analogies aside (because really those kids aren't going to turn into pumpkins), and listen to their coach Shaka Smart the amazing singer Chaka Khan. One of her greatest hits was "Tell Me Something Good." I'm telling the VCU players four things to feel good about. 


It's rough in that locker room right now. Heads are low, spirits deflated. Those VCU players will need a bit of time before they start to feel better about this loss. When they do, they can remember:

1. They will go down as one of the best Cinderella teams EVER. Here's a team from a smallish school beating some huge basketball powerhouses on their journey to the Final Four. They're gonna be on every top 10 list, every highlight reel, talked about for decades.

2. Their coach Shaka Smart will get a raise thanks to them ... which means better ties. Always important to look your best as he may "Shaka the world" for years to come. The dude has plenty of time -- he's freakin' 34!

3. Everyone now knows where VCU is located ... or at least more people do. When they started heating up the tournament, I'd bet good money more people Googled "Where is Virginia Commonwealth University" than ever before. (pssst, the answer is Richmond).

4. They earned themselves their own Final Four theme song.



Congrats to all of the VCU players on an amazing NCAA Tournament!


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