10 Reasons Why Facebook Friends Are Better Than The Real Thing

facebookAs technology slowly takes over our lives, maybe it's time we just lay down and succumb to its power and prevalence. Instead of talking to people, we'll text them. Instead of flying in for business meetings, we'll Skype. Instead of grocery shopping, we'll log onto Fresh Direct.

Facebook, of course, is already a big part of our lives. We can find friends, chat, and even check-in to locations around town. So who needs the real thing anymore. Here are ten reasons why Facebook friends are better.

  1. They're better looking. Facebook friends only have photos of themselves looking their best.
  2. You control when you see them and when you don't.
  3. They're not offended when you laugh in their face about a stupid link they posted, or that hideous sweater they dressed their kid in.
  4. You can look at their photos from "Karaoke-palooza" and feel like you were there, then feel thankful you weren't.
  5. They share things about their jobs that make you feel superior. "Server at Ruby Tuesdays". Really, Sarah? Haha, loser.
  6. They don't ask you to help at yard sales, but sell their shit online instead. Saturday, saved!
  7. You can poke them and they don't get mad.
  8. They get really excited when you give them a thumbs up, even though you accidently pressed "like" when you were trying to press "delete."
  9. They accept the excuse of "my Internet was down" as a reason you didn't see the invitation to their gig/bridal shower/claymation art show.
  10. They don't think it's weird that you sit around topless surfing the web.

Do you like your Facebook relationships better than your real ones sometimes?

Photo via MoneyBlogNewz/Flickr

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