A Final Four Drinking Game You'll Want to Play This Weekend

drinking gameAre you ready, ladies? Saturday night is the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament. Two games, four teams and about five or six hours of TV time that you will have to endure have the pleasure watching with your significant other, spouse, husband as he roots for his UConn Huskies or Kentucky Wildcats or one of those other teams that busted everyone's brackets.

What are you going to do? Play Angry Birds for five hours? Rearrange every sock drawer in the house? No, sireebob. You can watch with him and have some fun too -- we came up with The Stir's Final Four Drinking Game! Yes, as you sit on the couch, pour yourself a glass of vino or pop open a beer and enjoy spending some quality time together. Bonus: You really don't have to know a whole lot about basketball -- cheers to that!


So this is how it works: you just take the allotted number of sips of the beverage of your choosing whenever one of the following things happens. Just sit back, watch, listen and you may just find yourself having a good time!

Anytime they show Ashley Judd during the Kentucky game -- take two sips and talk for the next 10 minutes in your best Southern accent. We bet your guys doesn't notice.

When VCU is playing, if the announcer's talk about Matt Howard's socks -- take a sip and wiggle your toes. If the camera shows a close-up of them, take two sips.

Anytime the sports reporters are interviewing the coaches and the coaches look impatient -- take two sips and then try to get your guy to talk about buying a new rug. Keep talking to him until he gets that same look on his face.

Whenever they show family members of players in the stands -- take a sip. Two sips if it is a mom of a player. Three sips if it is a coach's wife. Think how many games she's had to watch and drink again.

Whenever the announcers use the term "Cinderella" to describe VCU -- take one sip. If they go all of the way to mention a fairy godmother, take another. If VCU loses and someone mentions pumpkins, take three sips and start to hum A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes.

Anytime you see players or fans do the "3 goggles" -- take a sip...and yes, do the "3 goggles" at your husband until he does it too.

Whenever the announcers talk about how lovely the host city Houston is -- take a sip and say, "Cheers, ya'll!"

Anytime they show a school mascot -- take a sip. If they show Blue II, the Butler bulldog (yes, a real dog), take three sips and go "Arf!"

Anytime they show a male cheerleader -- take two sips and try to engage your husband in a conversation about whether cheerleading is a real sport.

When a player shoots a free throw and misses -- take a sip and say, "He shoots and doesn't score!" If he misses two free throws in a row, take two and say, "They really need to work on their fundamentals."


Will you watch the Final Four?


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