Gmail Motion Tones My Body While Responding to Emails!

Google motionGoogle has finally found a way to combine productivity and physical fitness. If you didn't use Google's web client, Gmail, before -- I suggest you do now. Because today the Google gods are releasing a new technology, Gmail Motion, which allows you to go through your inbox using your computer's built-in webcam. The camera detects your movements and then translates them into meaningful commands using their tracking technology.

Want to scroll up? Lift your arm. Want to send a message? Place two fingers on your lifted knee! Say hello to toning different muscle groups one message at a time.

Who actually likes sitting down to send emails, anyway? Now you can get a full body workout while shooting a message to your boss or book club! Fitness and productivity? Hands-free email is multi-tasking of the future! See for yourself:


Okay ... so it's not real. But talk about a GREAT April Fools' prank, right? They had me going for most of the video, thinking how many calories I will burn just from firing off emails to friends ... until the nerdy guy with the glasses started stamping and sealing a fake envelope. Well, then it was game over.

And even though it's just a joke, Google could be on to something here. There are already programs on the market that enable users to speak and then translate voice into typed words. So who is to say that something like Gmail Motion couldn't be real in the near future?

Did you fall for Google's April Fools' joke?

Image via YouTube

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