Butler Bulldog Mascot Treated Better Than the Students

butler bulldogButler busted a whole lotta brackets when they owned Florida last week, moving on to the NCAA Final Four. School-spirited students and sports fans on Butler's Indianapolis campus scrambled to find tickets and make travel arrangements for Saturday night's game in Houston, Texas.

For about $165 per person, fans can hop a chartered bus to the big game. And for around $1,000, students can take the high road and book a last-minute weekend flight. That's a pretty big chunk of change for the average college basketball fanatic student.

For a certain four-legged friend, however, money is no object. In fact, Butler's mascot Blue 2 gets nothing but the best. He has his own seat on a chartered plane to the Final Four.

It gets better.


The 63-pound bulldog is leaving Houston Friday morning on a Southwest flight, and once he arrives in Texas, he'll be brought to his accommodations ... at a 4-star hotel. I don't know if I've stayed in a 4-star hotel ever. With the economy the way it is, who does these days? Nevertheless, the pup will be shacked up with his handler, Michael Kaltenmark.

Kaltenmark told TMZ that Blue 2 has a few other things to do before takeoff: a day of relaxation at a dog spa in Indianapolis, where he'll get his nails done. Blue 2 will also get his fur washed and dried, and dosed with some doggie cologne. 

Sounds to me like Butler officials are taking this whole thing a tad too far. I may have never had a pooch of my own, and I'm all for treating your animals like one of your best friends. My late fish Leroy (R.I.P.), he was the king of his very own castle, which was cleaned every week! But don't you think there are better ways for the university to spend their money than pampering Blue 2 before game day? A day at the doggie spa can't be that cheap. Butler could have used the funds from that and the flight to help send a few students, who pay the school a boatload of money, to the game. But instead, the pooch is getting primped.

Do you think Butler is taking pampering their mascot pooch a little too far?

Image via sabianmaggy/Flickr

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