Pro Soccer Player Kills Owl Mascot & Gets Off Scot-Free (VIDEO)

owlI honestly didn't know I could feel so much rage towards a person. My blood is boiling! I'm seeing red! Gahhh! Luis Moreno, professional soccer player and jerk of the century, kicked and killed an innocent little owl when it landed on the field during a recent game.

Moreno, a player for the Colombian team Deportivo Pereira, noticed the bird (who happened to be the "good luck charm" for the other team, Junior de Barranquilla) when it was lying on the field after being hit with the ball. Instead of going over to see if the little guy was okay, like a normal person, Moreno kicked him in the face -- hard -- and killed him!

Don't worry, though, guys, Moreno really got his. Ready to hear his punishment? He had to sit out two whole games and was fined $560! Oh, the horror! How will he go on? But, wait, you still haven't heard his reason for doing it.


According to Moreno, he "did it to see if the owl could fly.” Now, I'm no zoologist, but is that the typical protocol to see if birds can fly? Just give them a swift kick? Fortunately, afterwards, Moreno was met with a cacophony of "boos" and chants of "Murderer! Murderer!" Unfortunately, that was probably the worst of his punishment.

It's absurd, people! A fine of under $1,000 for a crazy act of animal cruelty? Are you serious? Personally, I think Moreno should be fined much more than that and be kicked out of the league. He killed an owl ON THE FIELD. I mean, what do you have to do to be kicked out of a professional sports team these days? It seems like a free for all.

But that owl. My heart breaks for that poor, little owl -- the cutest, least intrusive kind of bird in the world. He was probably so hurt and scared. I wish someone there would have picked him up and helped him instead of leaving him for Moreno to brutally murder. But what I really wish is that someone would kick Luis Moreno. Hard.

Check out the video (if you can).

What do you think Luis Moreno's punishment should be?


Image via Harlequeen/Flickr

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