'Shrimp' Jacob Tucker Shows Basketball Giants How Dunks Are Done (VIDEOS)

jacob tuckerSo, yes, the Final Four starts Thursday in Houston with tons of other events besides basketball games -- there's the three-point competition and, of course, the college slam dunk championship. Like in the NBA, the best dunkers in college basketball will be competing for braggin' rights and the title "Best Dunker." Who am I rooting for? Jacob Tucker.

You regular readers of our Sports section know me -- I'm a sucker for the underdog. I root for the little guy. So, Jacob Tucker plays for Illinois College, a Division III school. He'll be the only non-Division I player in the competition. He got voted in via a Facebook fan poll, with a whopping 88% of the vote.

But get this. Not only will he be going up against guys from big b-ball schools, he'll be the shortest. Jacob Tucker is 5'11", folks. All of the other guys? All 6'3" or taller.

Does he even stand a chance? Oh yeah, baby, just check out his moves!


Now, I haven't seen the dunks that Jacob may be up against from Gilbert Brown (Pitt), Justin Burrell (St. John's), Will Coleman (Memphis), Justin Tubbs (East Tennessee State), Billy White (San Diego State), Darnell Wilks (Cincinnati), and John Williams (UNC Asheville). But I don't need to. 

He's 5' freakin' 11", people!! My husband is only an inch shorter than that. I'm only six inches shorter than this guy -- and he's leaping over teammates and dunking a basketball!

Who does this remind me of? Well, none other than NBA great Spud Webb who clocked in at a slight 5'7" ... but went on to win the NBA Slam Dunk contest in 1986.

I lovelovelove stories like this. This guy is so psyched to be there, he's worked hard. I say we all get behind him! I've "liked" Jacob Tucker's Facebook page and everything, folks. Thursday night at 9 p.m., I'll be on my couch, cheering loud and proud for Jacob Tucker!

Join me in cheering for Jacob Tucker!


Image via YouTube

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