Desperate Cricket Fan Willing to Trade Kidney for Tickets

kidney signThe World Cup of Cricket started on February 19 and is almost over -- the finals are April 2. If you're so inclined, you can watch the Cricket World Cup 2011 online using free online TV, or you can continue about your day as if the sport never existed. Fine. However, you're insulting a young man whose heart and soul is in the game, as well as some of his other vital organs.

The semi-final match between India and Pakistan is drawing quite a crowd -- even the two countries' PMs are in the stadium cheering for their teams -- but young Sanjay Kumar Sen can't get through the stadium's pearly white gates. The street-value cost of a ticket to the semi-finals is 25,000 rupees, or about $550, and that's just too much for our young fan. But luckily Sen's an entrepreneur, and a little bit crazy, so he's come up with an idea. He's trading his kidney for a ticket. His sign reads, "Get my kidney, give me ticket."


So if you're in the market for about a 16-year-old kidney from what seems like a healthy and athletic (he likes sports!) young man, then get yourself over to Punjab Cricket Association club in Mohali. Beware though, there have been some intense riots outside the stadium, which have really hurt Sen's chance of finding a one-kidneyed ticket holder.

The riots, believe it or not, consist of veterinary pharmacist protesters who want better working conditions. Didn't see that sentence coming, did you. Veterinary pharmacists are so crazy sometimes!

Anyway, if you do make it over there but fear the language barrier would hold you back from securing that kidney -- do not worry. Sen's sign is in English, so I think he knows some key words when it comes to bartering, trading, and organ donation. I suppose he thinks his market is English-speaking, which may or may not be a correct assumption. It's a risk though, seeing as India has a population of about 1.15 billion, but a calculated one.

So far, Sen reports, there hasn't been much interest. You can help! Just head to India and ask for Sanjay Sen. I'm sure you won't have any problem finding him. Next time you think tickets for a Mets game cost an arm and a leg, just think of Sen, willing to sell his kidney for a chance to see his favorite team. And you call yourself a fan.

What would you be willing to sell for tickets to your favorite concert, event, game, etc.?

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