'Last Night Never Happened' App Eases Your Walk of Shame

last night never happened appWe've all experienced it. That wave of nausea and rapid pulse after having just posted something on someone's Facebook wall that you instantly regret. Anything from a comment that could be taken the wrong way to an inside joke that should have probably stayed inside or a declaration of love, etc. Thank goodness for the little "X" button.

Unfortunately, it's a little bit harder to regret a foot-in-mouth post or tweet while intoxicated ... or really really tired ... or sleep-emailing. Thankfully now we have Last Night Never Happened, aka the "Morning After" iPhone app!

Now, THIS is what the web has been missing for several long, MySpace/Twitter/Facebook faux pas-riddled years! It's like an insurance policy for your social media life!

Here's what it can do to save you from yourself ...


So you hook up LNNH (as it's already been called in an abbreviated way by several savvy news outlets) to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, and then you can choose the number of hours back to delete posts from. At that point, you will likely cringe upon viewing the many crazy things you posted after one too many glasses of Malbec with your gal pals at Happy Hour. But the magic of LNNH can save you faster than a Harry Potter spell. 

Once Facebook photos you posted, wall posts (as in, what you wrote on someone else's wall), tweets, and direct messages from the time period you selected pop up, you can do away with them FOREVER! Yes, just like that! You can even write another message to replace the erased ones. But the developers behind LNNH warn:

Should you choose to use Last Night Never Happened to delete your Facebook or Twitter posts, we will not be able to help you retrieve them. When we say 'Last Night Never Happened', we mean it!

I'm not sure why anyone would regret deleting something they really didn't want to be out there in the first place. Unless, I guess, you were thinking you would send it off to FML or TextsFromLastNight OR ... you didn't want to be caught red-handed using LNNH?

Ah ha, therein lies a problem with deleting your whoopses. How embarrassing will it be if someone sees what you wrote or posted and then calls you out on it the next day ... only to notice that it's miraculously missing? Doesn't that kind of make you look even worse? Maybe sometimes it's just better to take the fall for your dumb-ass online actions? Cuz, you know, you're an adult and just straight up shouldn't be drunkenly writing professions of love to an ex-friend with benefits or calling your sister-in-law a skank or tweeting @KimKardashian that she's your secret (well, not really anymore) girl crush?

On second thought, yeah, sometimes maybe it IS better to do away with your boo-boos!

Although it sounds incredibly useful overall, the LNNH peeps are very upfront about it in their app description in the iTunes store that there's one little FAIL: The app can't delete your status updates. And man! That is one area of social media that might need damage control more than any other. If you've ever scrolled through your Newsfeed at 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning, you know what I'm talking about.

But otherwise, it sounds like something just about anyone with a smartphone could stand to have in their arsenal of apps. Because you never know when you might have almost committed social (media) suicide.

Would you use 'Last Night Never Happened'? What was one time when you wish you had already had 'LNNH'?


Image via lastnightapp.com

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