Buy Tiger Woods' Golf Game to Help Your Relationship

golfTiger Woods and golf go together like Tiger Woods and hussies: perfectly. As a fan of the sport (the one with the clubs and the madras pants, not the one with a whip and ass-less chaps), I enjoy watching the tournaments and even have fun with a little golf video game every now and again. I have Tiger Woods PGA Tour '09 for my PS3, but I'm excited to get Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters, which was released today.

Don't all rush to the store at once! Come on, Tiger's golf games are fun to play. Seriously! I find it's an easy way to learn about different courses that I'll neither never play nor visit (Pebble Beach, to be exact), and sharing an addiction with a golf-obsessed loved one is always a great way to bond. Add in a six-pack and a pizza and tell me if your relationship has never felt stronger.


What's great about the new game is that we'll finally get to play the legendary Masters course in Augusta, Georgia. The real tournament starts April 7, but we can get head start with Tiger's version.

The new game has some interesting features not previously seen -- there will be a caddy to help inform you on course conditions, give you advice, and cheer you on. The caddies are intended to make the game more accessible to you newbies out there who might be a little scared of the unknown.

We've been asking for the Masters since the beginning of golf gaming, and now it's finally here! Before I die, I want to go to the Kentucky Derby, the Masters, and the Final Four ... so maybe I can cross off Augusta from my list. The game sounds so realistic (the details were taken down to 6 millimeters on the real course!) that maybe a virtual experience is even better than the real thing.

If you've never played a golf video game, or shun the entire video game world, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by an EA Sports golf game, let alone this latest Masters version. There are soothing voices, chirping birds, and it's really a brain exercise that brings the golf course to you.

If you've never played a golf video game, are you interested in trying?

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