Bedtime Story App Eases Guilt of Busy Moms

storytime appIt's 8 p.m. and you're stuck at the office/on the train/in the airport/in a cage being held prisoner by a serial killer, and you can't get home to read your little one his bedtime story. What to do! If in the past you phoned in a little memorized version of Goodnight Moon, totally making up the words ("goodnight ... man sleeping in the ATM console" is not in the book, ma'am), then you need the new Nursery Rhymes app with Storytime.

This latest app from the good people at Apple will allow you to virtually read along with your kid, turn pages, talk about the pictures, argue about how many times you're going to read it before it's lights out -- all the good stuff. If you have more than one iDevice and the desire to raise a child who's both a tech and nursery-rhyme connoisseur, and if you want to lessen that guilty weight on your shoulders about being a working mom, then let the downloading begin.


When you launch the app in your iPhone 4 and your little one does the same from an iPad, it will sync the two devices so that you can communicate and interact on the screens in real time, which means you can read Humpty Dumpty together, turn the pages together, and have a conversation about the allegorical themes present in the rhyme about the English Civil War and the role Richard III played in ending the Plantagenet Society in the British Middle Ages, together.

The app costs $3.99 and currently has Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, and Three Blind Mice in their catalog, but more books are coming soon. When you touch or shake your iDevice, the pages will react, which is pretty cool. Kids will get a kick out of that, and the more laughter at story time, the better.

Hopefully this app will alleviate some of the guilt working moms and dads have about missing the precious bedtime scenario. Connecting audibly, connecting visually, and learning together is something that many working parents will likely be excited about.

Now when life keeps you and your child apart, there's an app for that.

Would you try the Nursery Rhymes app with Storytime?

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