Barry Bonds Wants to Cut His Girlfriend's Breast Implants Out

baseball fieldOh, Barry Bonds, Barry Bonds. Could you be any more disgusting? Yesterday, the ex-ball player's trial with his ex-mistress continued, and let's just say things got ugly.

Now, I'm not a fan of mistresses. Who is? Get your own man, ladies. But right about now Kimberly Bell is looking like quite the upstanding citizen next to the baseball legend dirtbag. When giving her testimony against Bonds, she mentioned a few things he said to her over the years. And they were gross. Like, really gross. I think my personal favorites are when she said he threatened "to cut [her] head off and leave [her] in a ditch -- more than once." And how he told her "he would cut out [her] breast implants because he paid for them."

That is some vulgar, despicable, deplorable stuff right there. Inexcusable. And although my feelings on Bonds are pretty cut and dried, I'm still left with two questions: One, if he were still playing ball, would people root for him? And, two, why is a woman defending him?


My short answer to my first question is yes. I think people would still root for Barry Bonds -- not necessarily directly, but they would still root for their team. Now, I'm not a big sports fan or anything, but I would imagine that would cause quite the moral conflict. Especially if you're a woman. Sure, you want to see your team win, but how do you hoot and holler when such a disgusting human being hits a home run? Remember when Kobe Bryant was accused of rape? Didn't seem like the Lakers lost too many fans then, did it? And this, of course, only furthers the God complex that so many athletes (and actors -- hey, what's up, Charlie Sheen) have. In a word: gross.

As for how could a woman defend Bonds in his trial -- I don't really have an answer for that. That is more directed to you, Cristina Arguedas, Esquire. AKA defender of repulsive, steroid-using baseball players. How can you come to the defense of a man who was so violent towards a member of the fairer sex? YOU'RE the fairer sex. (Well, maybe.) How can you say things to Kimberly like, "You have taken many opportunities to disparage Barry Bonds ... in the most vulgar ways possible?" Is there another way to talk about Barry Bonds?!

Cristina, you're a serious disappointment to me. You're obviously a smart, savvy, talented woman. You should be using these attributes towards something else, something ... good. And I don't doubt for one nanosecond that if you were, or are, a Giants fan, you'd be rooting for Barry to hit it out of the park.

What do you think of Barry Bonds?


Image via mathewingram/Flickr

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