Jose Canseco Thinks Fans Are Idiots

jose cansecoNot only is he a baseball legend and a current competitor on Celebrity Apprentice (ugh, the work of Birther Donald Trump), but Jose Canseco also seems to have earned the title for Most Childish Boxer of the Week. He got all tied up in a scandal this weekend, and while he may have had his reasons, he handled things with the maturity of a 12-year-old.

The former MLB slugger was supposed to compete in a Celebrity Boxing match at Passion nightclub at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida on Saturday night, but the fight was canceled at the very last minute. Why? Canseco says it's because he wasn't paid the $5,000 upfront that he had asked for and been promised for the fight.

On the other hand, the promoter, Damon Feldman, says that Jose had never even showed up, instead sending his twin brother Ozzie Canseco to fight, and that he then refused to come out of his dressing room. Instead, he left, and the fight never happened.


The Miami Herald seemed to back up Feldman's story, while RadarOnline heard from multiple sources that Jose was there, ready to fight, and was simply cheated out of his pre-payment.

Sounds like a nasty case of he said/he said. Although at first glimpse of this story, I was sort of inclined to believe Feldman, now I'm not so sure.

Canseco seemed to think he had to tell his own side of the story to set the record straight, and yesterday he tweeted:

Damon Feldman did not comply with his part of the agreement...Be very careful with Damon Feldman who runs celebrity boxing he will not pay you if you fight for him.

Hey, a deal's a deal, and if Feldman fell short, that's one thing. But to send your twin brother in your stead, when you've got 400 fans who paid to watch you pummel some other guy ... that's just downright clown-ish.

Here's how I see it. If I paid good money (likely a LOT of money) to see Lady Gaga perform, and she sent a drag queen lookalike to take the stage for the entire show, that would be outrageous! No, not in a good way. It would be ridiculous. Gaga wouldn't do that, of course, because she adores and respects her fans.

Canseco, on the other hand? Not so sure if he gives a crap about his fans. He's even taken to criticizing anyone who dare believe that he might have bailed on this fight in an immature way. This morning on Twitter, a couple of his gems included:

Is anyone out there smart enough to figure it out or are you all a bunch of hateful morons

... and ...

just remember the media is write [sp] 20 percent of 50 percent of the time

I think he meant to say "right" ... but the statement is too ridiculous to warrant spell-check.

The bottom-line: If Feldman really truly hadn't kept his word about the money, Canseco could have at least made a brief appearance to tell ticket holders what had occurred. He could have issued a statement. But taking to Twitter to bash the other party involved in a conflict, fail to shed any light on the situation, and then call his followers "hateful morons" ... well, I wouldn't file that under "Duh, winning!" Given how little Canseco seems to think of them, fans may want to consider whether or not they really want to "follow" this guy anymore.

Do you think he really sent Ozzie in to fight for him? As a fan, would you be disappointed if your favorite celeb pulled a similar switcharoo?

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