Matt Howard & His Lucky Socks Could Win NCAA Championship (VIDEO)

matt howard socks butlerThe Final Four is merely days away. Do you have any of the teams heading to the end? I know, millions of NCAA basketball fans have lamented how VCU and Butler kind of imploded their brackets. But, what's done is done, people. Let's look ahead now, and see who may win the whole kit and kaboodle. If I were to bet, I'd bet on Butler. Why? Matt Howard's socks.

Yes, his socks. Tattered, a bit loose, how shall we say it ... nasty? They are clean, mind you, but definitely not pretty.

Tattered, but lucky, baby!


Poor Matt has gotten some grief about these socks. He's been very honest that he likes them, though his teammates find the socks less than desirable. They have described his, um, "weird" sense of humor.

Will Matt Howard's socks put Butler into the championship game? Could these white, tattered socks win Butler the whole shebang? Well, no other team in the Final Four -- not VCU, not Kentucky, and not UConn -- have made headlines with a lucky charm. No one has come forward with lucky underwear, special shoelaces, or particularly charmed shorts.

As there are no competing good luck charms and since this whole Final Four is wonkadoo, I'm going with the Team with the Lucky Socks! Can anyone deny these socks have been bringing Matt Howard and Butler good luck so far in the Big Dance? I think not, so why would they stop now?

Unless, of course, us talking about them and all of the media attention zap their luckiness ... uh oh ...

What do you think of athletes with lucky charms?


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