Oldest NFL Cheerleader the Movie -- Jennifer Aniston’s Next Role? (VIDEO)

Laura Vikmanis Oldest NFL cheerleaderWe've all been there. Okay, maybe not all of us, but any of us over, say, the age of 34 or so. You find yourself in a group of women, and you realize you are the oldest one there. Imagine having that situation as part of your job -- which also places you smack-dab in front of millions of people, dressed in short-shorts and a sports bra. This is what Laura Vikmanis does every Sunday as an NFL cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals.

At age 42, she's the oldest NFL cheerleader -- and do you know what that distinction got her? A movie deal. Yup, her life story is coming to the big screen, and I can't wait to see what actress will play her!


I know, I could be all cynical about this (and mention that 42 isn't that old), but wait 'til you hear her story, how she was rocked when her husband left her and, on a whim, tried out for the cheerleading squad. She didn't make it the first time at 39, but came back the next year -- and got the job. Yes, her body is rather smokin' and she's in better shape than I am now. Okay, geez, in better shape than I was ... ever.

It's going to be a heart-warming, "fish out of water" comedy. Think Blind Side meets Miss Congeniality. There's a reason both films I mention star Sandra Bullock because she would be ideal for this, but I doubt she'll do it. So who will star as the on-screen Laura Vikmanis?

Well, the actress has to be over 40. It would be tough to watch someone in their 30s play this role, since the whole premise is she's 20 years or more older than the other cheerleaders. So, that doesn't leave a long list of actresses. Top of the list: our gal Jennifer Aniston at 42. But we don't know if Jennifer wants to take on a role where she's really putting it out there just how old she is.

Then you've got Maria Bello and Kelly Preston. Both 40-something ladies would be awesome. Maybe Michelle Pfeiffer could take this as her comeback role -- she's 53 but in great shape. Who would I love to see: Diane Lane. She's hot, she's funny, she's 46. Perfect!

Who would you cast as Laura Vikmanis?


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