Spammers Make More Than Doctors?!

spam mailWhen you think of high-paying professions, you generally think of something like lawyer, doctor, stockbroker, actor. Well, what if I were to tell you that the person sending you the four emails about bettering your sexual performance makes MUCH more than your average doctor. In fact, they make more than some celebrities.

A team from UC San Diego and the International Computer Science Institute crunched some numbers, and came up with an estimate of how much money spammers make. Ready for the number? Are you sitting down?


It's $7,000 a day. If they spammed every day, which it seems like they do, that's a grand total of $2,555,000 a year. Even if we gave them a few major holidays off (even though we still get spammed on holidays!), they would still be making more than $2.5 million a year.

Perhaps it's better to be a spammer than to be ... oh, someone on the Jersey Shore. Spammers don't even have to publicly embarrass themselves or reveal their actual identity. Sammy and Ron, however, all their slutty, dirty, filthy, rage-ridden, and alcohol-fueled antics are there for the world to see. And they aren't even paid as much as the nerd who sends you emails that say, "Viagra! Free! Available today!"

And the craziest part? Only about 0.226 percent of people who receive spam emails buy something through the offers! Stupid 0.226 percent, they are. When was the last time you actually saw something on a spam pop-up window or email that you were interested in buying? Okay creepy old man, don't answer that.

Either way, these spammers are still cashing out, big time. And I suppose it's all part of the way that advertising is used on the web. It just boggles my mind. Any computer programmers wanna chat over coffee? I'm considering a career change. I'll buy.

Can you believe that some spammers make $7,000 a day? What's the most annoying spam email you've ever received?

Image via Yandle/Flickr

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