NBA Star Derrick Rose to Donate $1,000 a Basket to Japan, Why Not $1 Million?

derrick roseWhen sports and charity come together it's a beautiful thing, especially when professional athletes are involved. Not only because they've got nice muscles, but because they've got the big bucks, too. Sports stars can be paid north of $25 million a year to shoot, pass, or hit, so charitable causes should be second nature to these millionaires.

It comes easily to Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls, that's for sure. The MVP of his first place team has come up with a clever, crowd-pleasing way to donate money to the relief effort in Japan -- it's creative, fun, and might just win him the game. Rose is going to donate $1,000 to Japan for every basket he makes in Friday's game versus the Grizzlies. So how many points does Rose average a game?


Just under 25 ppg. Carry the one ... that's $25,000. Hey, not bad. Sure beats the $10.00 I contributed. Rose is a trendsetter, and more NBAers have followed in his steps and are doing the same thing. The Lakers' Pau Gasol, the Trail Blazers' LaMarcus Aldridge, and the Oklahoma City Thunder's Russell Westbrook are all on board with the points-for-charity theme.

If any of these guys has an insane night, that's gonna be like $40,000 in donations. Still a lot of money, but why not make it interesting and make it $10,000 a basket? I don't want to take away from the fact that they're giving, but I think they could afford the $10K a basket and it would certainly make the defense feel extra guilty for blocking their shot.

You know what would be super awesome? If Kobe Bryant donated $1 million for every basket he made. He makes over $20 million a year. First of all, that's a PR person's dream come true right there, the crowd would go NUTS every time he scored, and Japan would get around $25 million. Win, win, and win!

But why should all the NBAers carry the donation weight? Let's say that for every bogey Tiger Woods has in the Masters, $1 million to Japan. Or Major League Baseball is starting soon ... for every walk (insert good pitcher here) issues, $1 million to charity. These kinds of wagers won't only help charity, they'll help attendance and sport morale.

What sports star would you like to see donate to charity every time he or she scores, or otherwise?

Photo via Johnathon Daniel/Getty

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