Turn the NCAA 3 Goggles Fad Into a Drinking Game (VIDEO)

3 gogglesI first saw the 3 Goggles when trying to be a supportive wife during the NCAA Tournament as my husband's team, Syracuse, was struggling against Marquette. Two Marquette players sank 3-pointers -- propelling Marquette to victory and the Sweet 16 -- and I saw it. The 3 Goggles.

What's the 3 Goggles? The celebratory sign made by the player who made the 3-point shot or fellow teammates who are amazed by it or fans who are impressed. How do you make a 3 Goggles sign? Make the "A-OK" sign (with thumb and pointer finger together, other three fingers outstretched) and hold them over your eyes. That's the 3 Goggles, folks!

For those of us that are forced to watch enjoy these sports matches but may not be as invested in them, it's nice to come up with games, distractions, ways to pass the time. That's why I'm adding the 3 Goggles Gulp to my NCAA Tournament Drinking Game!


The uber-sports fans out there have given us plenty of different ways to play drinking games while watching the tournament -- they tell us to drink when players' wingspans are mentioned, drink when there's a shot of a male cheerleader. Now, every time you see a 3 Goggles, drink!

I guess the sign started in the pros -- most say with the Portland Trailblazers. There were even t-shirts made with the 3 Goggles sign (sorry, they're sold out).

There's no way to know where the gesture originated ... and do we care? Not really. Soon enough, it will just be another thing all the players and fans do -- until someone comes up with a new one. Until then, cheers!

Do you do the 3 Goggles sign?


Image via YouTube

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