See Anyone Naked for Only $34.95!


There's a "revolutionary" graphic design program called False Flesh that enables the user to create realistic nude "approximations" from existing photographs from anywhere, be it social networking sites or personal files. Of course, technology like this has been around for ages. Helloooooo, have you ever heard of Photoshop?

But the catch here is that False Flesh is nothing like Photoshop. Because it's marketed with the intent of clothing removal. Straight from the site:

In most cases only a few millimeters of fabric separates you from an amazing but previously unobtainable image!


Creepy?! Of course, the naked body parts don't really belong to the people in the photo, but they can supply a visual. Let a woman dream! Just for a moment, think about going on a date with a new hunk, and before your second date, you can see him in his briefs or boxers or with nothing at all! Or try it with a celeb. Your hunky neighbor! The lady you hate from down the street! Wow. Talk about cutting edge technology, eh?

Just take a look-see at these cool testimonials:

I have been married for 7 years and every once in a while friends and I need a break from our husbands. A few weeks back I hosted a girls' night in, where we all went out for drinks. When we came back to my house, I showed them False Flesh and we spent the evening having the software make everyone's 'dream man' in the nude!

Sounds like a fun girls' night to me! Now ... what male celebrity should I start with first?

Would you buy False Flesh? Who's the first person you would take a peek at?

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