40 Women Will Play Longest Hockey Game Ever

Longest Hockey GameWhat do you get when you take a hockey rink, add 40 women and a hockey puck, and let them go at it for 10 days straight? The "Longest Game 4 CF" and what sounds like the coolest women out there. So cool I'm almost tempted to take my non-ice-skating, non-hockey-stick-handling hiney up to Canada for 10 days this summer! Who's coming with me?

The fundraising game for cystic fibrosis causes sounds like something I've got see! It's going to be a Guinness World Record-breaking hockey game that will benefit a cause that affects about 70,000 kids and adults worldwide (about 30,000 in the U.S.).

Oh yeah, I'm a sucker for a cause. But I'll be honest. That's not really what's tempting me to pack my bags and grab a flight to Burnaby, British Columbia.


Think about it. Forty women utterly exhausted after ice skating with sticks in hand for 242 straight hours. That is sure to bring on the BEST FIGHTS EVER. And we all know the best part of hockey is the fights.

What? Was I not supposed to admit that part? Come on hockey fans. It doesn't get better than a game IN CANADA in an ice rink filled with tired, cranky people beating the crap out of each other. And to have a good excuse like a fabulous cause for it all to go down? That's the icing (no pun intended) on this cake.

Here's how to get involved:

  • The game will start on August 26 and last through September 5, and they've got the roster open for us to join -- just hit up the LongestGame4CF website -- as players or volunteers.
  • You can make a donation to Cystic Fibrosis Canada in honor of the game online or by mailing a check to Cystic Fibrosis Canada, 4050 Graveley Street, Burnaby, BC, V5C 4A5.
  • You can follow them on Twitter to get updates on how the game's going (any wagers on how far in before the first fight breaks out?) @LongestGame4CF.

What do you think? Are you going to be on the flight to Burnaby with me this August?


Image via YouTube

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