6 Moms Run 200 Miles to Raise Money for the Homeless

back on my feetSix superwomen moms from the Greater Chicago area are primed for national attention. Not because they've proven that they can raise 19 children among them and all work full-time jobs. (Although those feats should count, too.) Actually, they deserve recognition for what they're about to do as a team: Run almost 200 miles in an overnight race called the Ragnar Relay

According to AOL, the relay race begins in Madison, Wisconsin and ends up on Montrose Beach on Chicago's lakefront. The goal: Raises money for Back on My Feet, a nonprofit that aids the homeless. The six women will trade turns over the course of the event and spending the rest of their time in two rented vans.

The team's leader, Karen Redmond, told AOL that she knew exactly what she wanted when she set her mind to forming this team ...


I wanted them to be people that I thought were great. But I also wanted them to be people that were pretty serious runners and well-conditioned, not people who just start running in the spring when it gets nice out.

In other words, she was looking for women very unlike me! Haha. I confess -- I once tried to do Couch-2-5K, and ended up barely making it into the second week. I'm NOT a runner, and I don't believe those people who say anyone can be a runner. Some people, especially those of us who have back/spinal injuries and low resistance for stress, just aren't meant to be runners. We're better owning the title of "walker." (I know, it totally doesn't have the same ring to it!)

Maybe it's because I'm truly "just a walker" that I especially admire women like Redmond and her gals who can RUN like the wind, who can go long, as in Forrest Gump long distances!

Redmond's Supermamas -- that's what they should call themselves, I decided -- include Stacy Abel, marathoner and mother of three; Whitney Martin, also a marathoner and mother of three; Kim Busch, Ironman competitor and mother of four; Jennifer Falk, marathoner and mother of two; and Allison Harris, who placed seventh in her age group during the 2009 Chicago Marathon and has three children.

Four of the six are in their 40s, and Redmond says she hopes that her team can set an example for other moms who want to be competitive athletes.

I think a lot of times it's really hard for women after they have kids. Anything we can do to show them it's possible will motivate them to get out and try something. I think that's kind of what we all have in mind.

Good for them! Even though I know I won't be trying to run again anytime soon, I definitely see these women as inspirational -- for pushing themselves, banding together, and raising money for a good cause. We could all do well to try something like this, even if it's on a smaller scale, in our own lives. Getting outside of our comfort zones athletically and gleaning support from other strong women. Who knows how much we could accomplish?

What's something like this relay race that you'd like to do as part of a team?


Image via BackonMyFeet.org

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