Make Your Own Mario Brothers Coin Block (VIDEO)

mario coin boxJumping on mushroom stools, flying through the air with a raccoon tail, throwing fireballs at mortal enemies ... it's a dream world that only Mario and Luigi know anything about. Until now, that is.

A few very creative super-nerds decided to bring some of the plumber brothers' Nintendo world into our human one. Cha-ching!

And cha-ching and cha-ching and cha-ching. And cha-ching. The coin block -- that golden beacon of hope in a dungeon of despair can now be your very own piggy bank.


One punch and viola! That familiar Mario coin sound plays and a quarter shoots out of the top of the block. It's a do-it-yourself project that can't be missed.

One question: where has this been all my life? I consider myself mildly handy -- I've assembled a ham radio and a birdhouse that were so impressive, I got runner-up in the Science Fair and a B in Shop class, respectively. I've never felt more compelled in recent history to take on a DIY project like the Mario coin block.

Over on, there are step-by-step written directions, photos, and videos on how to assemble your very own coin block, and after one glance at the website, I feel simultaneously overwhelmed, terrified, pre-electrocuted, and excited.

I wouldn't say it's for the casual DIYer ... there's soldering involved, a lot of wiring, and fancy things like electronic boards and nuts and bolts.

The end result though is something the whole family will enjoy. It could be used as a reward -- let your kid punch the box once she finishes a chore. Or it could be used as an exercise motivator ... secure the box just high enough out of reach of your extended arm and jump, jump, jump to get your money. Fill the box with cookies. Or diamonds. Make it worth your plyometrics!

Next on the list of things I'd like to have from Super Mario would be those warp tunnels and the star function. I'd love to warp to Florida right now, and I totally wouldn't mind running through traffic without any danger. Get on it, nerds!

What do you think of the DIY Mario coin block?

Photo via YouTube

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