Dez Bryant Needs a Belt for His Pants on the Ground (VIDEO)

dez bryant droopy pantsI know NFL players are a little bored these days with the lockout and all, but Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant needs to find something to fill his hours ... other than hanging out at the mall and ticking off mall cops. That's right, folks, the cocky wide receiver was at a Dallas mall with some buddies, when mall security asked him to, ahem, pull up his pants.

He was wearing droopy drawers. His pants were riding a little low, a bit of underwear peeking out, perhaps in a lovely plaid, maybe covered in cute penguins with hats. No matter what was on his boxers, this million-dollar football star should have just pulled up his pants and headed to the Food Court peacefully.

But he didn't.


Nope, Dez Bryant got all peeved and used some R-rated language to tell the officers what he thought about their wardrobe suggestion -- and he was promptly escorted from the mall. No charges were filed, but he was issued a criminal trespass warning. And the police say this isn't his first run-in at the mall. Bryant tells reporters it was "a misunderstanding" and that he "told the guy I'm not trying to get in trouble ... I'm not trying to destroy my image."

Well, sorry, dude, reports of the incident have made the rounds and, yeah, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is even talking about it. What do I think they should do?

They should tell him to pull up his pants! I know Dez is frustrated with the lockout, I know he's still rehabbing his injured ankle, but c'mon, hanging out at the mall with droopy drawers? How old are you -- 14? Please, Dez, go study the playbook, go work out at the gym, go volunteer at a school, go do something! He's a bit of an arrogant guy, he's got amazing talent, but that's no excuse.

It all brings to mind a very wise man who was on American Idol. Not Simon Cowell, but General Larry Platt with his ode to droopy drawers.

Do you think Dez Bryant should get his pants off the ground?


Image via JovieG/Flickr

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