Rafa Casanova & Other Reasons Soccer Should Ban Group Hugs (VIDEO)

rafa goal celebration gone wrongYou see it all of the time. Players celebrating after a goal or home run or touchdown. Teammates come together, slap butts, high-five each other. It was no different when Rafa Casanova, who plays for Spanish soccer team Racing Club Ferrol, was participating in a lovely group hug after a goal -- when all of a sudden he collapsed to the ground.

What happened? A teammate poked him in the eye. It's a case of a group hug turned hurtful. It's a goal celebration gone wrong. It's kind of embarrassing.


So, the blow to the face was pretty hard, yes, and Rafa heads right down to the grass. And you just have to wonder -- why is he taken off on a stretcher?

But poor Rafa Casanova isn't the only guy to have a fellow teammate injure him after a goal. Check out this guy totally head-butting his buddy. Note: he didn't need a stretcher.


I just don't get it. I know it is exciting. I know these guys are flying high with adrenaline, but you'd think they would be just a little more careful. This is their livelihood. One wrong celebratory jump, one wrong zippadee-doo-dah celebration, and they could be really hurt. They need to start rethinking how they celebrate, think outside the box, er, hug. Maybe they could take lessons from these guys.

What do you think of group hug celebrations gone wrong?


Image via YouTube

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