Barry Bonds vs. the Fed: Who's Stupider?

barry bondsHigh-profile liars sure are making headlines in the sports world this week! Today, San Francisco Giants legend Barry Bonds gets top honors for being delusional and dishonest. He's on trial as we speak. The baseball star, who is the all-time home run king, is being charged with four charges of perjury and one of obstruction of justice. In short, he lied to a grand jury in 2003 about "never knowingly taken performance-enhancing substances," aka steroids.

Bonds claimed he thought his trainer, Greg Anderson, was giving him arthritic balm and flaxseed oil. (Bahahaha!) They were actually steroids known as "the cream" and "the clear." The prosecution is now out to prove that Bonds knew better.  

Uh ... how could he not?! This already sounds like a trial fit for a junior high school board.


It also doesn't seem like a trial in which the defense is going to have much ground to stand on. The prosecution will have testimonies from current and former players and Bonds' ex-gf Kimberly Bell, who is likely going to discuss his "sexual dysfunction and fits of rage, both linked to steroid use" -- lovely. Plus, they have something that might as well be a smoking gun: A secretly taped recording of trainer Anderson describing how he injected Bonds with steroids.

HELLO?! What the heck is the point of this trial? Is there any question that he used steroids, and he lied about it? And even once they prove it, experts say Bonds most likely won't have to serve any time in the Big House.

What a waste of time this seems to be! Doesn't the Fed have some actual 'whodunit' crimes to lay the smack-down on? Don't we as a country have more pressing issues than a dumb jock to focus on? This seems like something that should be taking place behind closed doors -- if at all.

The only reason it makes sense to do this is to put on a big, three-ring circus show that disgraces anyone in major league baseball involved with steroid use. To make an example out of Bonds publicly, so that other players don't follow (or "continue to follow" might be more accurate) his lead.  

But there has to be a better way to slap him and other steroid users on the wrist. A way that would save the estimated $10-50 million it's costing the government to prove a 'roid rager's guilt. Too bad federal prosecutors couldn't seem to bear to go with that alternative.

Do you think Barry Bonds' trial is a waste of time and money?

Image via Jessica Merz/Flickr

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