BlackBerry PlayBook Smaller, Faster Than iPad 2

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BlackBerry PlayBook vs. iPad

Research in Motion announced today that the BlackBerry PlayBook will be available in 20,000 retailers on April 19. The makers of the popular smartphone are finally ready to add their computer tablet into the ring of fire that already includes the iPad, iPad 2, and the Motorola Xoom.

I'm a practical gal and love a little comparison shopping before spending the big bucks, so I've done some research online and have come up with a few pros and cons for the BlackBerry PlayBook. I can tell you already that now more than ever do I find myself coveting a tablet like never before. I used to think that I really didn't have any desire for the portable awesomeness of a touch-screen computer, but now it seems that I'm not sure how much longer I can continue living without one, no matter the maker.


Here's what I found out about the BlackBerry Playbook:

  • It's smaller than the iPad. With a seven-inch screen, it can fit in the back pocket of a man's jeans or easily into a purse. The small size is totally convenient and the portability is limitless. It's less than half an inch thick and weighs less than a pound.
  • The 16GB Wi-Fi model starts at $500, the 32GB Wi-Fi model is $600, and the 64GB Wi-Fi model is $700.
  • PlayBook has both forward and rear facing HD cameras and HDMI port for video output. You can also connect your BlackBerry phone to the PlayBook via Bluetooth -- so say you get an email that looks long and you know you're going to need to edit your response, you can just "connect" your phone to the PlayBook and compose your response there. It will sync automatically with your phone, send, and done.

It's comparable to the iPad in price, but the BlackBerry PlayBook is smaller, lighter, and some say faster. The PlayBook has gotten rave reviews -- Apple should be worried. The two things that divide the PlayBook and the iPad are size and apps. Some say that a seven-inch screen is too small and would not be great for entertainment like movies, videos, etc. On the other hand, it's so darn cute and small that you can really take it anywhere, anytime. Also there's the issue of apps. Apple has dominated the marketplace with apps, so BlackBerry has a little catching up to do.

What do you think of the BlackBerry PlayBook?

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