Apple Sues Amazon Over App Store: Will There Be a Jobs/Bezos Cage Match?

Do you have a smartphone that runs Google's operating system? Rejoice, because Amazon's new Appstore for Android is officially open for business. Now you can use your familiar Amazon account to buy games and apps, and Amazon is even promising to offer a free paid app every day. (Today's freebie is Angry Birds Rio.)

Just don't expect Steve Jobs to join the app-happy party, because the folks at Cupertino aren't exactly thrilled about Amazon's choice of names for the new Android shop. In fact, Apple has filed a lawsuit against Amazon, claiming that Amazon's use of "Appstore" is a little too close to "App Store," Apple's marketplace for mobile software.

Huh. "App Store" ... "Appstore." Nope, I can't see any similarities there.


While Amazon will likely try and claim that the term "app store" has become too generic to be trademarked, other companies have wisely avoided Apple's wrath by using variations on the theme, including HP's webOS App Catalog, RIM's BlackBerry App World, Google's Android Market, and Microsoft's own Marketplace.

I can understand Apple wanting to protect the name, but as in most lawsuits, things are getting a little silly already. Apple goes so far as to imply that people will be too stupid to know if they're on Amazon or Apple when they're buying mobile software:

Consumers of mobile software downloads are likely to be confused as to whether Amazon's mobile software download service is sponsored or approved by Apple.

Duhhhhh. Me buy game for phone—do me need Android or iPhone version?

You have to assume this disagreement went all the way to the CEO level before it ended up in the courts. Wouldn't you love to know what kind of conversation went down between Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos? I imagine it happening something like this:

Jobs: "You've got some balls, my friend."
Bezos: *grabs crotch* "One-click this, Steve-O."
Jobs: "Nice. Real nice. I will bury your little CrappStore, Jeffrey."
Bezos: *strokes Kindle*
Jobs: *rolls eyes, points to prominent chart of iPad sales*
Bezos: *lunges across table*
Jobs: *whips off shirt to reveal hidden ninja stars*

If you were the judge on this app store dispute, would you rule in favor of Amazon or Apple?

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