Sweet 16 Has Two Teams From Virginia, Hooray!

richmond bballAt the end of the first weekend of the NCAA tournament, there have been highs and lows, fouls and no-calls, cheers and jeers. The teams advancing to the Sweet 16 are set and the Big Dance continues. If you work for the Richmond Times Dispatch, you suddenly find yourself with a lot to write about.

The Sweet 16 has its fair share of underdogs this year and notably missing from the bracket are teams from the Big East. (More like Big Least, oh!) But what stands out most is the fact that two teams are from Richmond, Virginia.

Pop quiz!

This is important because a) it's only the fifth time two teams have been in the Sweet 16 from the same city in 21 years, b) I'm from Virginia, or c) you're a Kansas fan.


If you wrote in answer d) all of the above, then you're correct!

The University of Richmond, the Spiders, if you will, are a 12th seed in the Southwest bracket that just won't quit. They were supposed to lose in the first round to #5 Vanderbilt, but oh-no-no-no they weren't going home that easily. They beat the Commodores 69-66 and then met #13 Morehead State in the second round. Now, Morehead was supposed to lose to #4 Louisville, but they wanted to give us a #13 meets #12 game. Richmond ended up beating Morehead to advance to the Sweet 16, 65-48.

VCU, or Virginia Commonwealth University, the Rams, are the 11th seed in the Southwest region (with Richmond!) and upset #6 Georgetown by 18 points, then handed #3 Purdue a smack-down with a 94-76 victory. Boom!

If you're a #1 ranked Kansas fan, you've got to be both psyched and terrified to meet the Richmond Spiders in San Antonio on Friday night. While it should be a gimme game, these arachnids are on the warpath. VCU will meet #10 FSU on Friday and that game is supposed to be pretty tight, though I have VCU beating FSU, 70-65.

If both Richmond and VCU win, then they'll meet in the Elite 8.

I'm proud to be from the great Commonwealth of Virginia, where we haven't necessarily been a basketball state in recent history. UVA has gone downhill since the '90s so it's great to see our Commonwealth's capital picking up the slack with two awesome college hoop teams.

Sic Semper Tyrannis, Virginians! Go Richmond, go VCU!

Are you going to watch some Sweet 16 games?

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